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Vinyl Buddy - Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

Dhs. 79.00

Inside this kit is everything the serious music lover will need to ensure that your vinyl collection keeps delivering the best possible audio quality! Includes: Carbon Fibre Anti-Static Brush; removes dust and dirt from PL surface...

Slipmat - Vinyl Styl 12" Anti-Static Cork Turntable Mat

Dhs. 89.00

Description: The Vinyl Styl 12″ Anti-Static Cork Turntable Mat is designed to improve overall sound quality, dampen vibrations, and provide a no slip surface that audiophiles will be sure to appreciate. It also features a...
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Victrola Wooden Record/Vinyl Crate VA-20 (Demo Unit)

Dhs. 149.00 Dhs. 260.00 Item Condition:  Used for showroom display purposes. Slight scratches and chips on the edges.   Our Victrola Wooden Record Crate safely stores over fifty records holding all of your favorite 33's, 45's, and 78's. For...

Echo Audio 12 Inch Vinyl Record Outer Sleeves | 3 mil Thick | 12.75 x 12.75 in

Dhs. 75.00

Description: Preserve your treasured album collection keep albums and covers from dust and other elements Packaging Dimension: 12.75 X 12.75 3 mil poly material No flap

Vinyl Styl Padded Carrying Case for Records and Portable Turntables

Dhs. 139.00

Overview: The Vinyl Styl Padded Carrying Case was designed with mobility on the mind, lightweight and sturdy construction with ample padding to carry and protect up to 40 12” records or other gear. With the...

Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer System

Dhs. 329.00

OverviewHere at Vinyl Styl™ we know that there is nothing like the sound of a stylus settling into a record’s groove. However, there are many environmental factors that can put a damper on the vinyl...
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Dhs. 18.00 Dhs. 32.00 A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging

Vinyl Styl - Lubricated Record Cleaning Cloth

Dhs. 12.00

Vinyl Styl - LUBRICATED CLEANING CLOTH   1 X Micro-fibre cloth for cleaning grease or dust off your vinyl records. Size: 8″ x 9″

Victrola Retro VSC20 Vinyl Case

Dhs. 379.00

Product Description: Store your Vinyl Records in style with the Victrola Vinyl Record Case. This case safely stores over 30 of your favorite 33's, 45's & 78's. Keeps your records dust & scratch and fully...
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PopartUK 12" Record Cover Album - Black Wood Vinyl Frame 36cm x 36cm (14" x 14")

Dhs. 69.00

If you have classic albums from artists such as 'Led Zeppelin' and 'Jimi Hendrix', than what better way to hang your most prized vinyl with this fantastic 12" Record Cover Album Frame! Make a musical...

Audio Anatomy- Record Cleaner (150ml) Alcohol-Free + 20x20cm microfiber cloth

Dhs. 65.00

The Audio Anatomy Vinyl-Cleaning Set offers two indispensable vinyl accessories for daily use in one stylish packaging. The alcohol-free cleaning liquid (150 ml), as well as the microfibre cloth can be used separately from each...

Vinyl Styl Vinyl Record LP Deep Cleaning System VS-A-004

Dhs. 79.00

Fluid safely removes dust and dirt from record surface without scratching. Easy and safe to use. Includes Brush, Cleaning Pad and 1.25oz. Cleaning fluid.

Bags Unlimited - DLPP30K5Pk - 12 Inch LP Divider Cards - 30 Guage - 5 Pack (Black)

Dhs. 39.00

Help organize your LP collection Product Features LP Record Divider Cards 12-1/8 x 13-1/8". Black .030" thick Polystyrene (plastic). LP Record Divider Cards

Audio Anatomy - LP Holder

Dhs. 145.00

DESCRIPTION   The Audio Anatomy Vinyl-Record Stand made from high impact polystyrene is very durable and very lightweight at the same time. It impresses with its trendy retro design, which offers space for 40 records...
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Dhs. 34.00

Pack of 5 record cleaning micro fiber cloths. Perfect size, soft and plush.  Best for use with Redrum Record Cleaning Solution. Details: Brand Name: GOKA Model Number: R05 Material: Microfiber, microfiber , 80% nylon+20%dacron Use: vinyl records...

Vinyl Styl - Record Cleaning Fluid 8oz (VS-A-008)

Dhs. 69.00

Vinyl Styl Record Cleaning Fluid safely removes dust and dirt from record surface without scratching, easy and safe to use. Large 8oz bottle for maintaining a moderate to large record collection. 8oz

Slipmat - David Bowie Aladdin Sane

Dhs. 89.00

Officially Licensed "David Bowie" Record Slip Mat High-Quality Non-Slip Felt For Home Listening For DJing and Mixing

Vinyl Styl - Record Washer Fluid 16OZ

Dhs. 69.00

The Vinyl Styl™ Record Washer Fluid is formulated specifically to be used with our Vinyl Styl™ Deep Groove Record Washer System and other similar products. This product can be used multiple times when properly filtered...

Bags Unlimited DLPP405PK - 12 Inch LP Divider Cards - 40 Guage - 5 Pack (White)

Dhs. 39.00

Help organize your LP collection Product Features LP Record Divider Cards 12-1/8 x 13-1/8". White .040" thick Polystyrene (plastic). LP Record Divider Cards

Vinyl Accessories - Record Cleaner

Dhs. 50.00

 Vinyl Record Cleaner Cleaner for vinyl records to apply with a cloth or velvet pad. This alcoholic cleaning solution allows the deep dusting / degreasing of approximately 150 LP vinyl records , reducing unwanted crackling...

Record Divider 13PC (A-Z) Wood

Dhs. 99.00

Product details: These engraved dividers made from wood will help keep your vinyl collection organized on the shelf or in a crate.  The dividers have both horizontal and vertical headers for front-forward or sideways storage....

Vinyl Styl - 50 Pack Protective Outer Album Record Sleeve 7"

Dhs. 49.00

Description: Keep your LP jackets pristine with Vinyl Styl's protective outer record sleeves with hang tabs. Packaging Dimension: 7 9/16" X 7 5/8" 3 mil poly material No flap

Vinyl Buddy - Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush Velvet Anti Static

Dhs. 49.00

Highlights Removes dust from deep inside the grooves Improves audio quality of Vinyl LP records Must have for any record cleaning kit

Vinyl Styl 1.25oz Repl. Cleaning Fluid VS-A-003

Dhs. 65.00

1.25 oz. record cleaning fluid.
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