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GRENDIZER with Spaceship Figurine 25cm

Dhs. 299.00

The incredible Goldorak figurine by ABYstyle Studio!  Grendizer straight from space on his ship arrives on the planet SFC! Accompanied by its asteroaxes, the greater of the robots presents itself here ready to defend the Earth....
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ABYstyle Luffy Figurine Design One Piece Licensed

Dhs. 159.00

Proud captain of the Straw Hat Crew and holder of one of the Devil Fruit, Monkey D. Luffy dreams of becoming the Pirate Lord by finding the legendary One Piece treasure. With this iconic pose,...
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ONE PIECE - Luffy's inflatable Arm

Dhs. 69.00

Inflate and put on this maxi fist of Luffy of 90cm on your arm. Its size fits both kids and adults. Ideal to look like Luffy with his elastic fist! Product Features: A precise design very similar to One Piece characters  Resistant prints...

ONE PIECE - Figurine "Portgas D. Ace"

Dhs. 149.00

True spiritual brother of Monkey D. Luffy, Ace joins the SFC range! After assimilating the fruit of the demon Mera Mera no Mi, the pirate becomes one of the most popular characters in the One Piece series.   Product Features: Figurine...


Dhs. 259.00

Unleash the ultimate fusion warrior with DRAGON BALL SUPER's SUPER SAIYAN GOD VEGITO figure! Standing at 20 cm tall, this SUPER CLEARISE figure brings the iconic character to life in stunning detail. Bring an epic...

Dragon Ball Z - Super Saiyan Vegito - Solid Edge Works

Dhs. 199.00

Powerful striking figure of Super Saiyan Vegito from the legendary anime Dragon Ball Z. This statue is launched by Banpresto as part of the latest Solid Edge Work series Volume 4. The sculptor had did...

GRENDIZER - Vinyl Shogun Omega Force

Dhs. 449.00

Presenting the Super Soft Vinyl Robot Series `Vinyl Shogun Omega Force`! The third in the series is Grendizer!The third figure in the chibi soft vinyl figure series `V.S.O.F. (Vinyl Shogun Omega Force)` is the super...

GREAT MAZINGER - Vinyl Shogun Omega Force

Dhs. 449.00

Presenting the Super Soft Vinyl Robot Series `Vinyl Shogun Omega Force`! The second in the series is Great Mazinger!The second figure in the chibi soft vinyl figure series `V.S.O.F. (Vinyl Shogun Omega Force)` is the...

Dragon Ball Super BWFC 3 Super Master Stars Piece Statue The Bardock the Bruch 17 cm Design DRAGON BALL Licensed

Dhs. 299.00

The Bardock Super Master Star Piece Product Description From Dragon Ball Super comes the Dragon Ball Super World Figure Colosseum 3 The Bardock Brush Super Master Stars Piece Statue! Standing roughly 7-inches tall, this highly...
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DEATH NOTE - Ryuk - 30cm Figurine

Dhs. 239.00

Meet Ryuk, the most famous Shinigami in Death Note, with this SFC figurine. Death Note owner and apple lover, his boredom will push him to make Light Yagami his new center of attention.- Figurine in...
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Taro Misaki Shooting Pose 13cm Figure Design Captain Tsubasa Licensed

Dhs. 269.00

Collection figure of Taro Misaki, from the mythical manga CAPTAIN TSUBASA.Find Taro in the middle of a shot on goal, striking a shot of such power that it distorts the ball!Even better, pair this figure...

One Piece 30 cm Luffy Giant Figure Design ONEPIECE Licensed

Dhs. 85.00

30cm Articulated Luffy figurine.Ready for new adventures? Discover this very resistant figurine, easy to handle for children.Its head and arms are articulated. Its design is particularly close to the manga and enable One Piece's fans...