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ITZY Album - CHESHIRE (Standard Edition) - CD

Dhs. 139.00

Genre: Kpop Format : CD Track-list :  Cheshire  Snowy  Freaky  Boys Like You Content: Photobook : 195 x 297mm/ 64p CD Lyric Paper Photocard : Random 2 out of 30 Neon Photocard : Random 1 out...

IVE 1st Single Album - ELEVEN - CD

Dhs. 149.00

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ITZY - The 1st Album [CRAZY IN LOVE]

Dhs. 139.00

Genre: K-POPFormat: CD  Track-List: LOCO SWIPE Sooo LUCKY #Twenty B[OO]M-BOXX Gas Me Up LOVE is Chillin' Chillin' Mirror LOCO (English Ver.) ???? (Inst.) ICY (Inst.) WANNABE (Inst.) Not Shy (Inst.) ?.?.?. In the morning (Inst.) LOCO (Inst.)...

ITZY Mini Album - CHECKMATE (Standard) - CD

Dhs. 119.00

Genre: Kpop Format: CD Track list: Sneakers Rac3r What I Want Free Fall 365 Domino Sneakers (English ver.) Content:  1 of 5 random photobooks  2 out of 25 random photo cards  1 of 5 CD-R...

Itzy - Not Shy - CD

Dhs. 139.00

Genre: K-PopFormat: CD------------------------------------------------------------Track-list: Not Shy Don't Give A What Louder ID Sure Be In Love Contents: 1 Photo Book (72p) 1 CD-R 2 Photo Card (Random 2 out of 25) 1 Lyric Accordion Book
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Itzy - Guess Who - CD

Dhs. 129.00

Guess Who (stylized in all caps or as GUE?? WHO) is the fourth extended play by South Korean girl group Itzy. It was released by JYP Entertainment on April 30, 2021. The EP was released...

ILLIT - 1st Mini Album [SUPER REAL ME] - CD

Dhs. 129.00

Genre: Kpop Format: CD TRACKLIST: My World Magnetic Midnight Fiction Lucky Girl Syndrome CONTENT: CD Photobook Photocard A Photocard B Stickers Paper Magnet Paper Ornaments Poster with lyrics Instant Photo (LIMITED & FIRST PRESS ONLY MAY...

IVE - I've IVE - 1st Album - CD

Dhs. 169.00

Genre: Kpop Format: CD Track List: Blue Blood I AM Kitsch Lips Heroine Mine Hypnosis NOT YOUR GIRL Next Page Cherish  Shine With Me Content: Photobook Set CD Photocard Sticker Folded Poster (PRE-ORDER ONLY) Film...

IVE - After Like - Single Album Vol. 3 - CD

Dhs. 129.00

Genre: Kpop Format: CD Track list: After LIKE My Satisfaction  Contents: Photobook CD Photocard Postcard 

IVE - 2nd Single Album - LOVE DIVE (Re-release) - CD

Dhs. 129.00

Genre: Kpop Format: CD Track List: Love Dive Royal Content: 96pg Photobook Photocard  Heart Hologram Card