Connetix Starter Pack 62 Piece Set Magnetic Tiles

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Our children love playing with Connetix Tiles and we think yours will too!

Connetix Tiles


Our children love playing with Connetix Tiles and we think yours will too!

Connetix Tiles allow children to construct 2D and 3D shapes, using their imagination and creativity to play and build. Create big castles and towers, build new homes for favorite toys, design train tracks, and stations, robots, and cars, or explore 3D shapes and patterns - all while having fun.

Our STEM-approved magnetic tiles encourage cognitive development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills and help children build knowledge around scientific and mathematical concepts - all through PLAY! Not only that, children can play independently or with friends and family, supporting important social skills such as teamwork, cooperation, perseverance, and resilience.

The perfect gift for family and friends, our magnetic building tiles are an open-ended toy that grows with each child. Watch their play and creativity become more involved and complex as they learn and develop. Why not use our tiles in the classroom to aid learning in a hands-on, engaging way! The perfect manipulative for preschoolers or as a fun toddler toy. Watch their play evolve as they grow.

Our magnetic tiles building set is made from ABS food-grade, non-toxic plastic. With super strong magnets for a stronger hold, riveted corners for extra safety, and a beveled design for strength, scratch prevention, and stunning reflections, our tiles are the best on the market!

Each 62 Piece Set Includes:

4 Large squares (4x4 inch)

24 Small squares

12 Isosceles triangles

8 Right angle triangles

6 Equilateral triangles

4 Window square pieces

4 Hollow square pieces (door frames)

Ideas Booklet

FULLY COMPATIBLE with other brands such as Picasso Tiles, Magna Tiles, Playmags, Children Hub, Cossy, Innomags & Magees.


- 4 EXTRA LARGE SQUARES TO BUILD BIG - A range of colors, create any shape you can imagine
- CLEAR APPEARANCE CREATES BEAUTIFUL REFLECTIONS - Bevelled design for strength and scratch resistance
- TAKE YOUR CREATIONS TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL - Super strong magnets allow for complex constructive play
- EXTRA SAFETY - Our tiles are riveted and made using high-quality, non-toxic, food-grade ABS plastic
- FUN FOR EVERYONE - toddlers and older children, boys and girls (supervision recommended < 3 years)

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